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Update from Marcia

Summer, 2018

Summer is here and as nonprofits wrap up another year, the planning for the next fundraising cycle begins. Embedded in that planning should be a clear understanding of what your donors want and need.

A group of donors joined my course, Organizational Advancement and Fundraising, to talk about how their needs have, and have not, been met by a wide range of nonprofits. As thoughtful donors each individual has made several major gifts and are all active nonprofit leaders. They provided important reminders about engaging and retaining donors in the life of your nonprofit.

What do donors need?

What do donors want?

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Marcia R .Craner
CFRE Cameron & Associates

Update from Marcia

October 16, 2017

Last month I spoke at the Nonprofit Learning Lab in Philadelphia, PA. Over 75 nonprofits, large and small, all doing good work, attended.

I lead a workshop on The Case for Support: Compelling, Engaging and Critical for Fundraising. Understanding your case, and having a case for support, seems like Fundraising 101. But the workshop was a “big seller”. Why? Because I maintain with all that we have to juggle in the nonprofit fundraising field, we forget the basics – telling our story, how to stay on message through integrated marketing and knowing our brand. Like anything in life, if the basics are not on target, the rest of what you do just does not get off the ground. So what are some of the key takeaways?

Key Characteristics of an Effective Case for Support:


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Marcia R. Craner

Update from Marcia

April 23, 2016

Two years ago I launched Cameron & Associates to help nonprofits and individuals overcome unique philanthropic challenges. As we celebrate our second anniversary, I have taken time to reflect.

Every nonprofit has a unique story to tell and a strong desire to do the “right” thing to advance their mission. After listening to and working with many diverse clients, I have learned that the greatest obstacle standing in the way of greater fundraising success is a lack of storytelling. A compelling story will help enhance the case for support, but nonprofits still have to be very clear, comfortable and understanding in explaining why they are asking donors to invest in the organization’s mission.

Rule number one: Because we need money and do great work isn’t a case for support.

Mission and case must be closely aligned. A mission statement drives an organization’s purpose and objectives – and is usually an internally focused statement. A case for support needs to be externally focused and is a philanthropic investment prospectus. A compelling case is a critical step to building and enhancing an integrated fundraising plan.

Potential donors need to know about your case, have the inclination and financial capacity to invest in your case and must be asked to make a gift.

After a very successful 35-year fundraising career, teaching graduate students a curriculum I developed, Organizational Advancement and Fundraising, working with clients and being a donor myself, Cameron & Associates offers clients customized strategies and services that will benefit any nonprofit. No cookie cutter approach or one size fits everyone’s needs strategy.

Cameron & Associates is passionate about supporting those who do good work. And we bring a personalized and holistic approach to you – your team and board – when you need it most.

Message from Marcia

In the past year, I left a 35-year career in higher education advancement and fundraising. I designed a curriculum, and started to teach graduate students in the College of Community and Public Affairs at Binghamton University about something which I’m deeply passionate about: philanthropy.

With the launch of my firm, Cameron & Associates (named after my late mother), I use my knowledge and expertise to help nonprofits and individuals overcome their unique philanthropic challenges.

Whether your nonprofit needs to begin a fundraising program, refine an existing program, or you need help defining your personal giving plans, we have the experience, skills and values to help you succeed.

We’re passionate about supporting those who do good work, and we’ll bring a holistic approach to you —and your team— when you need it most.

All the best,
Marcia R. Craner, Certified Fundraising Executive (CFRE) President
Cameron & Associates