• She has the unique skill set of being an effective leader and manager but also possesses wonderful interpersonal skills as well.

    William “Billy” Baldwin
    Actor and Philanthropist
    Santa Monica, CA

  • I have had a lot of experience with development officers and Marcia is one of the very best that I have worked with.

    Patricia Saunders
    Manhattan Nonprofit Board Leader and Volunteer Fundraiser
    New York, New York

  • She is the consummate professional who brings years of experience to the table and knows how to manage her team to get results.

    Paula Kramer-Weiss
    Past President, Binghamton University Alumni Association
    New York, New York

  • Marcia Craner was instrumental in developing a culture of giving at a young and growing university.

    Shari Lawrence Pfleeger
    Research Director, Institute for Information Infrastructure Protection, Dartmouth College
    Washington, D.C.